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Why U is funded by the Goldman Charitable Foundation in partnership with the University of Central Florida.

Mathematics, as the 18th century poet Alexander Pope said about life, is "a mighty maze, but not without a plan". The purpose of this series is to allow the viewer to gain a bird's eye view of this maze, as well as better insights into the conceptual foundation and framework of mathematics.

These videos are designed to be used as collateral material for mathematics courses on the K-12 and college levels, and to be a resource for informal independent study. Rather than focusing on procedural problem solving, the objective is to give insight into the concepts on which the rules of mathematics are based. Once a student has gained a strong conceptual foundation, the material presented in math textbooks is much easier to digest and retain.

The goal of Why U is to facilitate the formal education process through self-directed study. This offers several advantages.

  1. Web-based videos present a low barrier-of-entry to viewers of all ages.
  2. Students can progress at any pace that they choose.
  3. Lectures can be viewed repeatedly and in any order.
  4. High-quality graphics allow complex concepts to be visualized, grasped, and retained with less effort.
  5. Through the use of animation, 3-dimensional relationships can be presented more clearly than with static diagrams.

Why U creators are currently working on the series of animated lectures entitled "Algebra". This series closely examines the concepts on which Algebra, as well as higher mathematics, is based. The goal of these lectures is to explore these fundamental concepts more precisely and in greater depth than is currently possible in most high-school and college-level algebra courses.

Your comments, ideas, and contributions are appreciated. Thank you for helping us to continue this important work.


This series of animated tutorials lays the foundation for high school and college algebra.


This series of animated tutorials explains not only how, but why the rules of algebra work. The goal is the development of a strong conceptual foundation, rather than cookbook problem solving.


A Humorous look at the topology of curved space. This video can be enjoyed by viewers on all levels, from K-12 to PhD.


This animation makes complex concepts such as summation notation, infinitesimals, and convergence easily comprehensible to non-technical viewers.