To download free Why U videos, you must complete the Why U Video Licensing Agreement. Once you complete this agreement, you will immediately receive a confirmation email with a link to return to this page. Click the Sign In button below, and enter the User Name and Password you created in the agreement. That information will also be in the confirmation email if you have forgotten it. Once you sign in, a page will open allowing you to download any Why U video in small or large (hi-definition) format.

If you are using an iPad, go to the App Store and download the free app "Best Video Downloader (FREE)". Using that app, navigate to the download page of the Why U website. When a video is clicked to play it, the app will give you the option to download the video. The app will then add the video to a list of videos that can be accessed within the app.

If you have not completed the Why U Video Licensing Agreement, register here.

If you have already completed the agreement, sign in here to download Why U videos.